Panama 2018: Update on Minga

Lily sent word yesterday that Minga’s port has been moved — not sure if this is a second adjustment from the original site, or whether a single intervention long talked about has finally happened. Apparently the procedure was hard on Minga, and the dialysis that happened the next day did not go well.

After some rest and rehydration and a day or two interval between one dialysis and the next, Minga perked up a bit and is feeling stronger. The chronic stress of being in dialysis is no better, and realistically, will never be better. But she is managing, and continuing to have some quality of life. Ana and Raoul and Miley seem happy to have her in their home. Minga is content to be there too, and the apartment building is much closer to the hospital than when Minga was living in Filipio with daughter Ita. Getting to and from dialysis is shorter and easier — one bus, not three.

Clearly Minga is not giving up yet. I have high hopes for seeing her in January 2019, although I’ll go sooner if she takes a downward turn.

2 thoughts on “Panama 2018: Update on Minga

  1. for Phyllis: Will do. I think this dialysis is just really hard on the body. I’m so glad Minga wound up at Ana’s, where there is comfort and gentleness instead of hubub and judgment.

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