Getting to Know Seattle: Smoky August

We actually don’t have wildfires in or near Seattle, but due to some kind of air inversion we do suffer the smoky effects of wildfires in eastern Washington state and British Columbia. Right now our air quality is apparently worse than Beijing, which is saying something. I’m not having respiratory issues, which is great. But our gorgeous Seattle mountain views are entirely obscured.

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Smoky August

  1. It is fortunate that Seattle doesn’t suffer from wildfires. My sisters in Soutgern California have wildfires just a few miles east of their homes. The fires are burning east, so their homes aren’t threatened now but so many whole have lost their home and possessions.

  2. for Katie: I’m always astonished at how fast fires move, and how the danger can shift in a heartbeat with the wind direction. Truly scary.

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