Amazon Take Your Parents to Work Day

A couple of years ago Amazon hosted a “Take Your Parents to Work” day here at HQ in Seattle. They expected no more than a few hundred participants. Instead, 5000 parents and grandparents showed up, including people who traveled all the way from India to see where their son or daughter worked. I went to the first one, and I must say I loved it. I got to meet Sara’s team, see her work space, and in general poke around areas of Amazon usually closed to non-employees. I got a free banana at the banana stand that Amazon operates in the middle of its urban campus, not just for this event but all the time. Actually, anyone can walk up and request a banana. I got a goodie bag of Amazon branded things to take home. And Amazon generated a ton of good will.

Last year Sara was out of town, and so I missed the event. But it’s on again for this year, and Sara expects to be here. We’ re already signed up. đŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Amazon Take Your Parents to Work Day

  1. for Katie: Amazon has a lot of really young employees, and a lot from overseas. I think it gives parents comfort to see where their kids work, meet their colleagues, etc.

  2. In the 90s I ran “take your daughters to work day.” It was great. Even got on the Today Show – live from Labor & Delivery. Many of the daughters who participated became nurses, including Melissa, my daughter, and my friend’s daughter. The “take your parents” idea is fantastic.

  3. for Katie: I think that’s great. Several years ago Strong Memorial Hospital had a different kind of program for local executives, who were invited to shadow a nurse for three hours to get a real sense of what hospital nursing is like. I shadowed a young woman on a med/surg. floor who had very sick patients in every room. The nurse never sat down once in three hours. I was blown away by how hard she worked, and by how much compassion she mustered for her patients in the midst of running from room to room.

  4. While I was at Mount Asia I we had a program where Mesical residents worked 1! Shift with an RN and vice versa. It really enhances understanding and collegiality.

  5. for Katie: That sounds like a great idea too. I liked the fact that I shadowed the nurse for three hours, not for a quick walk through. I got a much more realistic picture of what the job was like.

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