I never watched The Apprentice. Apparently Omarosa had some sort of Mean Girl shtick that made people hate her character but love to watch her episodes. The she wound up in a White House job, apparently on the strength of saying nice things about Trump. Then she was out, and now she’s striking back.

My point in adding to the torrent of words around the vicious fight between Omarosa and Trump is not to analyze who’s right, or who’s sympathetic — nobody in this crowd is the slightest bit sympathetic.

My point is to say how tawdry Trump has made the presidency of the United States. Who are the Trump voters, that this kind of bottom feeding makes them feel as if he is their champion?

The gym I go to has various large screen TV’s around the workout floor, with closed caption dialogue. Usually most of the screens are turned to sports or CNN or MSNBC, but anyone can ask for a specific show to be put on. Someone near me asked for a reality TV channel where people were screaming at each other — Maury Povich, maybe. A mother and daughter were waving their fists at a man seated on the opposite couch, demanding he recognize the girl as his daughter. He was waving his arms back, shouting that it was all bunk and they were two crazy broads — all of this in closed caption of course. Tawdry. I watched for a minute or so before turning back to the smaller TV screen on my elliptical. During that minute the camera panned the big screen Maury audience, who were rapt. These are the Trump voters, I’d wager, for whom “tawdry” is the wrong word. Something about screaming chaos and bitter invective seems normal to them. Trump seems normal to them, and Omarosa.

Later at night Anderson Cooper had yet another segment on Omarosa, and I was little interested. I ducked outside to grill my dinner.

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