Conscious Aging: Things I Love

I’ve written before about things I love, like my morning coffee: a blend of Peet’s Sumatra, full caffeine, and Peet’s decaf French roast. Like my late father, I make a pot in the morning and drink the whole thing while writing — he drank his before going to work, getting up early enough to read the paper and finish the pot. Given that consumption, I introduced half decaf to cut down on the amount of stimulant. My father added an unfiltered Camel cigarette or two or three to his morning read and his cups of strong black coffee. It probably wouldn’t surprise you to know he died of heart disease.

Another thing I love is late summer, like we’re having now. Temperatures are still quite hot in Seattle, and the early morning begins with a red sun rising through the haze. That will change dramatically come Labor Day, so I’m relishing each early morning when I leave the shades up just enough so that I can see that sun from my bed.

We have no humidity and no bugs other than bees, but no mosquitoes or biting flies or other things that bedeviled me in my recent visit to New Jersey. The heat builds during the day, so that the hottest part is from about 3pm until 7pm or so — not like the east coast where the heat crests between 11am and about 3pm. I can still take a shower and put on my light robe and sit out on the deck until around 9pm, reading and sipping mint tea.

Archie is finishing up summer camps; Else continues at day care, which runs through the summer. The pool at Matt and Amy’s is still open. Farmer’s Markets have wonderful produce, including a late variety strawberry that is just luscious. The tulips are gone, replaced by late season sunflowers in huge, glorious bunches. Locally made ice cream still features summer flavors, like blackberry.

Summer music festivals are over; the new symphony season has not yet begun. Fall clothes are coming out in stores, of course, have been since mid-July. But no one is wearing anything fall-ish: shorts and T-shirts and sandals prevail.

The beaches at Green Lake are packed; the lake water is probably as warm as it’s going to get all season. The middle of the lake is filled with kayakers and people standing on boards, paddling along.

Cruise season is still in full swing, although the end is in sight.

I’ll take any remaining days like this I can get. 🙂

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