New Fence

The new fence is in, and I’m very happy with it. I had them put the boards tight to each other so that the blackberry canes and ivy will not come through. Hah! The installers told me that nature will have its way — if the canes can’t wiggle through any narrow spaces, they will come over the top or under the bottom. I’ll just have to stay on it and clip, clip, clip. No one here uses RoundUp or similar — God forbid.

8 thoughts on “New Fence

  1. for Jackie: Thank you! And it will make the yard more private — neighbors are close by here. Not that the lack of a fence has kept me from sitting out in the evening on my deck in my bathrobe … 🙂

  2. for Joyce: Thank you! The ones will all the fussy trim on top are quite a bit more expensive, but I like these clean lines too. Perfect for my taste.

  3. for J: Thanks! And now we can keep Bob in when he visits. Matt was traveling, and Amy and Heidi and Sara and the kids came over for hot dogs on the grill. Bob usually just lies down, or tries to grab food. Nobody was paying any attention, and after about 15 minutes somebody said “Where’s Bob?” He’d wandered off out to the sidewalk and around the corner. Happily we found him pretty quickly, but I wouldn’t want to depend on his ability to find his way home if lost. Or to stay out of trouble. He’s gotten kind of deaf.

  4. Aww. Love poor old bob. Good job with the fence. Keeps kids and dogs in. Probolbly even a puppy ……just saying.

  5. for J: Bob needs a little extra care these days. Not sure he could find his way home if he wandered off, especially from my house — neighborhoods about 15 minutes apart.

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