A Powerful Rebuke to Stephen Miller by his Uncle

The smug, supercilious Stephen Miller is the architect of most of Trump’s cruelest immigration policies. Read this devastating rebuke by Miller’s uncle, Dr. David Glosser.

I can add nothing to this pointed, principled take-down of an arrogant and dangerous young man.


2 thoughts on “A Powerful Rebuke to Stephen Miller by his Uncle

  1. Well – this is interesting. I knew Stephen Miller was from somewhere around western PA, but not that he was from my home town! I grew up about 10 miles from Johnstown, but it was the “big city” where we did our major shopping and business transactions. We often shopped for clothing at Glosser Brothers, later just called “Glossers.” There were two business branches of the family – one in clothing and one in “junk,” collecting and recycling metal. I worked with one of the Glosser wives at the local hospital in the 1960’s and she had a son named David, whose Bar Mitzvah I attended. I wonder if he is the writer. If so, good for him for speaking out! It is scary how much influence Miller seems to have, but he and Trump certainly are two of a kind!

  2. for Phyllis: Really interesting story! I”ll bet David Glosser’s speaking out has roiled the family — imagine being around their table for the high holidays. I thought the piece was sober and honest and necessary, and I’m glad he wrote it. Stephen Miller is a cocky little prig with a serious attitude problem, but look how much power he’s gained in the Trump administration. Yes, they are two of a kind.

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