Getting to Know Seattle: Cloudy Day

Seattle has had a run of gorgeous summer weather: mid-80’s, abundant sun, dry as a bone. The weekend, by contrast, was cooler and cloudy, with short spurts of rain. Starting Monday we’re back on for warmth and sunshine.

When it’s sunny, I feel as if I should be outdoors and active, taking full advantage of the gift of blue sky, gentle winds, and sun. When it’s cloudy, I find things more restful. I’m more apt to curl up with a book, which is what I did Sunday: A Place for Us, by Fatima Farheem Mirza.

How about you? Does your daily activity change depending on the weather? Do you find cloudy days restful now and again, or are you chafing at the bit to be beckoned outdoors?

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Cloudy Day

  1. Sometimes I just wish it were raining because I need a break! I love being on our porch with a book and listening to the rain – unfortunately, our weather has been far more hot and sunny than rainy. I’m just finishing A Place For Us for my book club – I’d be interested in your thoughts – I’m already very curious how the discussion will unfold.

  2. for Dawn: Glad you still have a porch in your new digs. I’m about halfway through A Place for Us. Gorgeous writing. Will let you know when I finish. And, curious about how your book club responds. Maybe we can chat live.

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