Bainbridge Ferry

Usually I walk onto the ferry and meet my friend Julie in town for lunch on Bainbridge island, where she and her late husband John have their condo. But the Episcopal church where John’s memorial was held was about 5 miles from the ferry terminal, so Louise and I needed to drive.

My former home town of Rochester tried to get a ferry going between our city and Toronto, but it failed. There was no compelling reason to take the ferry, as opposed to driving. But here in the Pacific Northwest, the ferry is an active part of the commuter system. Lots of people live on Bainbridge and work in Seattle, going back and forth every day. Lots of people from Seattle go over to Bainbridge for recreation. The ferry is especially crowded on summer weekends. The ferry is a 30 minute ride, v. an hour and forty five minutes to drive around via an all-land route. Nobody drives unless you’re going to the Olympic Peninsula for a vacation and need a car.

Getting cars on and off the ferry is a well-oiled process, and as long as you do what the ferry loaders tell you, it’s easy and eminently safe.

This is the view coming out of Bainbridge. You’re really right there, very close to the water.

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