Ingraham + Omarosa

Black intellectuals like TaNehisi Coates and black cultural icons such as Spike Lee have long told us that racism is alive and well in America. In no sense of the word is racism “over”. Trump, more in the mold of George Wallace than any modern political figure, has created a climate where racism can be openly and unashamedly expressed by his devoted followers. Fox news commentator Laura Ingraham can effectively say on-air that “we” don’t like the invasion of black and brown people and that “we” didn’t vote for changing America from a white nation into a diverse culture.

Her “we” certainly doesn’t include me. Clearly it does include Trump’s base, and the bulk of the Republican party. White nationalism, here we come.

Enter Omarosa, Trump’s reality TV crony who worked for awhile in the White House and now has a tell-all coming out that apparently calls Trump a racist. The Trump family, if Omarosa is to be believed, tried to buy her silence. She demurred, no doubt thinking she has more to gain from the book than from Trump hush money.

I’m not a big fan of Omarosa, but I find it amusing that the Trump family, used to throwing money around to control the public narrative, might get hoisted on their own petard. I’m not going to buy her book, but I will enjoy hearing her trash Trump on cable news. I plan to relish every dishy, gossipy nugget.

I’m bemused at the tolerance in the Republican Party for Trump-related sleaze. Honestly, you’d think decent people would get tired of it — especially the Evangelical crowd. Not yet, apparently.

12 thoughts on “Ingraham + Omarosa

  1. After getting hit hard from all sides, Ingraham now says she wasn’t thinking of race in her remarks…..more that our country is not as safe as it used to be. Same difference, and racist all the way. Omorosa for levity!

  2. for Phyllis: What Ingraham said was clear as a bell, and there’s no backtracking that has any credibility. Sorry, Laura. A racist is a racist is a racist. I was never a fan of Omarosa, but I do eagerly await her dishy gossip. Anything that makes Trump sound more like a fool is all good in my book.

  3. Talking about Omarosa, Ok, I get how someone may hear racist chat & you may brush it off, becuose it don’t effect you personally, but for her to now say “Trump is racist” makes me question her motives. Don’t get me wrong, I never like Trump from way back he got his start, I personally think he a spoiledd SOB . Omarosa, Well ok she did what she did on TV, big whoop. I seen & you can look it up (if you like) from the start of her being white House saying, “Trump not Raciest” , I also remeber her crying becuase of “her ppl” (way she called it) didn’t respect here anymore. I do have many black friends from my own childhood & from the Projects that I am from & none of them ever said anything for or against Omarosa. It just get seem that she playing both ends of the fince.

  4. for Woofy: Thanks for stopping by the site, and for taking the time to share your thoughts. I agree with you that Omarosa is playing both ends of the fence. I confess, though, to be enjoying the way she’s turning Trump’s tactics back on him, with at least some interim success.

  5. I agree, personally though, I just do not like it when someone say one thing at first then changes their view at the end. Don’t get me wrong, I understand & believe people do & have the right to change view points, but this is not what I am seeing. As a young white boy years ago, I grew up in the projects being the only white family living there. Race was sometime the subject. As kids we joked about it. This was back in 80s & 90s. How can someone not see if other are what they are. You can see a tiger, you know the tiger will bite. But I wouldn’t stick around to find out. We called “that vibe” & believe me we all show it. … Thanks for this article, goof read 😁😁😁

  6. for Woofy: I’ll bet you have growing up stories to tell. And I agree — Omarosa isn’t changing her view because she learned something new. She’s changed because it suits her to write a tell-all book. No heroes or heroines here.

  7. @pklainer, you right, & it be one thing that she’s telling something that we all didn’t know or suspected in first place, plus Mama & me have said this but what if this is another ploy by trump, you know have her do what she doing so ppl will pay attention to her instead of watching what going on with other hand. Hmmmm 😂😂😂😂

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