A nice lawn is hard to grow and maintain in Seattle. The winter is too rainy. Summer is hot and dry — bone dry. We once went 91 days over the summer months without a single recordable drop of rain. If you water enough to keep the lawn from going dormant, people give you bad looks for not paying attention to water conservation. No one here uses weed killer or anything similarly noxious; everything is organic. In Rochester my lawn people used everything, and I had a lush, thick, weed-free green lawn. But not here. So far, I’m not too impressed with the results of “organic”. What’s left of my dried out, crunchy yellow grass is filled with burdock, clover, dandelions, and other weeds.

Enter a new option for people with enough disposable income, called “carpet” — aka fake grass. Technological advances have made fake grass much more real looking. The grass is porous, allowing water to soak through. You never have to cut it, treat it, weed it. The fake lawn, which is goes by the euphemism “carpet”, is always green, always at the perfect height.

I totally get why busy two career couples would choose carpet over grass. Looks great, doesn’t it? That black line is a shadow, not a seam. Sara has actually taken a look at it for our house.

I like the way it looks. I would love to give up worrying whether the lawn people are going to come when they are supposed to. I hate burdock. I would love my yard to look consistently perfect.

I just can’t wrap my head around the concept of fake grass.

4 thoughts on ““Carpet”

  1. Laughing hard here. My father was in the funeral business and had fake grass to cover grave side plots before burial. Also the fake grass was a popular item on parade floats…assuming it would not be needed for a funeral. That is all that comes to my mind when you say fake grass..pardon me..carpet.😀

  2. for Joyce: Were your father still with us I have no doubt he’d have discovered a lucrative side business supplying yards with “carpet.” And I’ll bet he’d be laughing hard too.

  3. for J: You wouldn’t believe what prices are here, for everything. Fake grass for this yard would be between 15-20K. Looks great, but a little pricey.

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