Getting to Know Seattle: Lazy Days of August

I get quite crabby long about November when it gets dark in the Pacific Northwest at about 4:30pm and it’s chilly and rainy, so I pay particular attention to savoring the long, lazy, hot days of August. It’s still light enough at 9pm to be out on the deck. The very best of local produce is in the markets: sweet juicy peaches, gorgeous heirloom tomatoes, sweet corn. For the latter, I have to give the nod to Amy’s Aunt Joyce and Uncle Ray — there is nothing like Iowa sweet corn. But Seattle’s might be second in the rankings, followed by my birth state of New Jersey. Jersey is known for its pollution and traffic and refinery smells… but wonder of wonders, it really is the Garden State and they grow great corn and tomatoes and blueberries there.

The summer sky in Seattle is blue. Really, really, really blue. I love it. And as you can see, cruise season is still going strong — this ship in port on a Tuesday, which means it’s likely a 10 day cruise.

4 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Lazy Days of August

  1. We had some Minnesota sweet corn straight from my cousins farm this weekend and it passed my strict butter or salt needed👍

  2. A local farmers market imports things from New Jersey – good Italian bread, pasta, Cento canned goods, etc. and in summer fresh tomatoes and corn. I’ve been buying the tomatoes for the past two weeks. They are $2.99/#, weigh almost a pound each, and one slice covers a whole piece of bread. Good plain or as BLT’s. Absolutely delicious, and worth every penny!

  3. for Joyce: That’s how I eat corn too — and if it’s not flavorful enough sans butter and salt, I don’t eat it. 🙂

  4. for Phyllis: A fresh, juicy, in season tomato is nothing like the stuff that comes mid-winter encased in plastic and with very little flavor. Glad you have access to some of NJ’s best!

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