Tom Steyer and the Impeach Trump Movement

Citizen’s United has opened up the battle of the billionaires: the Koch network on the Libertarian/Republican side, and Tom Steyer for Democrats. Steyer is building a progressive network based initially on the goal of impeaching Trump.

Make no mistake about my politics: I think Trump is a malignant narcissist who has monetized the presidency and is using the Oval Office to enrich himself and his family above any other goal. I think he lies repeatedly, is dangerously divisive, is sloppy and superficial in his decision making, antiquated in his understanding of the global economy, and ridiculously self-centered in thinking that getting along with autocrats is a substitute for hard diplomacy. I think his hatred of President Obama and zeal to overturn everything that President Obama touched is pathological. I think Trump appeals to the worst in his followers, incites them to violence, and unleashes forces that he will not be able to control. I think Trump is a racist, and his extension of racist beliefs and policies toward people from what he calls “shithole countries” shames us before the entire world.

Grounds for impeachment? Of course.

Here’s my hesitation: Pence is just as cruel, self serving, and antiquated in his thinking — with an added dollop of believing he is somehow ordained by God to make the U.S. a white Christian nation. Pence just looks more normal.

My preferred scenario is to have Democrats take the House in 2018, maybe the Senate, and hamstring everything Trump tries to do until we can run out the clock to the next election. There is, of course, no guarantee, that the Democrats will prevail in 2018. If they don’t, and we have an even more emboldened Trump, watch me sign up in a heartbeat for Steyer’s impeachment drive.

4 thoughts on “Tom Steyer and the Impeach Trump Movement

  1. I’m with you. On Morning Joe today they aired part of Pence’s talk show in the late 1990’s. He was excoriating Clinton about his lack of morality and about how important it was that a president be a man of outstanding morals, integrity and character. I think Joe Scarborough concluded the piece with the words Pence equals hypocrite. I’m hoping for a blue wave in November! And then on to 2020!

  2. for Ada: They are all such hypocrites. If any other president had been enmeshed in half the scandals Trump has, the guy would be gone. It’s as if the Republicans are in some sort of daze, mesmerized by the Trump show. Makes me sick.

  3. Pam, I just linked to this specific blog post on facebook regarding impeaching Trump. You said it more succinctly than I could and I hope you don’t mind.

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