I Finally Know Who Ivanka Reminds Me Of

Eva Peron. Ivanka Trump reminds me of Eva Peron. Both are beautiful women, elegantly dressed. Both have a certain amount of native intelligence. Both are inseparable from the men who made them successful — by their own choice. Both are world class enablers. Both are filled with empty words that attempt to soften the cruelty of their male sponsors. Eva stood by the side of Juan Peron, a bull-necked thug who was nothing like the elegant Jonathan Pryce portrayal in the film version of Evita. Ivanka stands wordlessly at the side of her father, a florid, overweight old man with oddly colored hair but some sort of mystical appeal to angry and fearful white voters. Eva slept her way to Peron’s side. We assume Ivanka and Donald are not on those terms, although his relationship with both of his daughters is oddly sexualized. He might very well, he tells us, be dating Ivanka if she were not his daughter. He apparently asked a friend, when his daughter Tiffany was born, if the friend didn’t think the infant was “hot”. What kind of father says that?

Eva Peron enjoyed the adulation of the poor of Argentina — does to this day, even though she died in 1952. She was their Santa Evita. I don’t think Ivanka gets that kind of adulation from anyone. Perhaps it’s a different era; people are no longer quite so willing to accept the pre-packaged version of whatever Ivanka is trying to sell.  Eva Peron had a terrible death of cervical cancer at the age of 33. Perhaps Ivanka will fare better in life, although when Donald finally passes from the national scene I fervently hope she does too.

I’m all in with Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post, who has this to say about Ivanka:

Her tenure in Washington has amounted to little more than an elaborate personal branding exercise, to burnish her modern-working-mom aura. But that image has gone the way of her soon-to-be-defunct line of shoes and dresses. In the case of both, no one is buying it anymore.”


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