LongRead on Climate Change

The anti-science Trump administration has basically deleted the words “climate change” from public policy emanating from the White House or any cabinet-level department. That doesn’t change the rapidly compounding menace from readily documented and observable environmental changes that threaten our way of life.

This is a very long article in the New York Times, but I encourage  you to set aside the time to read it. There was a time, 30 years ago, when a consensus was emerging on climate change and we had the beginnings of a strategy to manage it. That all fell apart, and now we are not only living with accelerating damage to the world we take for granted, but denial from our elected officials that those changes even exist.

As Trump often says to his adoring crowds, who are you going to believe, me or your lyin’ eyes.

I sent this article to my friend Linda, who is passionately committed to raising awareness and action to manage the effects of climate change. She asked what the article tells me, other than documenting an enormous lost opportunity. I hardly know what to say, other than that we humans seem to put off reckoning until the problem is at our very doorstep. Sea water might be coming up through the storm drains in Miami, but if it’s not coming up our storm drains we push the thought out of our minds. Pelican colonies are dying off by the tens of thousands, but our yards still have songbirds. Glaciers are melting at a record pace but it’s still really cold in a lot of U.S. states during the winter, so how can the planet be warming?

As the article makes clear, once the effects of climate change are at our doorstep, it’s much too late. Deep down we all really know that, don’t we?


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