Getting to Know Seattle: Fresh Peaches

I know we can get fruit of almost any kind year round, but nothing beats fresh peaches picked at a local orchard. 🙂 Raspberries aren’t local, but add color. Even Archie, who’s a big Cheerios guy, had French toast a la Grammie Pammie.

6 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Fresh Peaches

  1. Looks beautiful as well as delicious.

    Here it is the peak of sweet corn season. I am a sweet corn snob and will only buy from my favorite vendor. Each week they feature several varieties of corn. Honestly, I have never found a bad variety. No butter or salt needed. “My” vendor goes to three local farmers markets a week😀

  2. for Joyce: fresh picked Iowa sweet corn is one of life’s greatest eating pleasures. As I think I’ve shared before, we went to Iowa in August because that’s when my father had his two week vacation. We ate in a different farmhouse kitchen every night. All of my aunts had huge gardens out back, and they canned a lot of produce for the winter. We ate everything fresh: sweet corn, huge juicy tomatoes, and sausage gravy over mashed potatoes. Fresh baked fruit pies for dessert. Good thing we were kids with high metabolisms or we’d have come back weighing 400 pounds. We did use butter and salt on our corn. 🙂

  3. Shortly after I started teaching I went home with a friend to her farm. Her parents had fresh sweet corn. They promptly asked mr how many ears I wanted for supper. I smiled and said 1. These folks could put away 5 or 6 ears at one meal. …with butter and salt!

  4. for Joyce: I wouldn’t be surprised if on some nights my relatives made a meal of corn and tomatoes. The corn was so abundant, so delicious, so filling — you almost didn’t need anything else.

  5. for J: This is fresh fruit season in Rochester too — Powers Farm Market was one of my favorite places.

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