Conscious Aging: Gardening

This post is for all my gardening friends: J., Jackie, Nicki, Phyllis, Mary…


I”ve never been much of a gardener, although I had many house plants in Rochester and they did pretty well, especially the succulents that didn’t care much if I remembered to water. Our friend Naomi Miller ran The Plant Room, and took care of our large office plants. Another woman-owned business, Broccolo Tree and Lawn, did the outside at San Gabriel Drive. I never put hands in the dirt, because I didn’t have to.

Seattle is different, in large measure because all services cost so much. I have a lawn service that does the heavy duty stuff, like whacking errant blackberry canes into submission. I have a woman who advises on gardening and helps me plant as a sideline to her day job; friend Nicki helped me find her. Laurie is wonderful, but not here as often as the outside needs attending. So, in addition to grilling in my new yard, I’m doing some gardening. Rochester friend J. gave me this sunflower as a housewarming present; I started it from seeds. I was a little late in getting it out of the pot and into the ground, but it’s doing well and has buds to let me know it’s going to flower. Something, as you can see, has been snacking on the leaves.

I’m actually exchanging gardening emails with Nicki and with Laurie, my gardening expert — something I’ve never done before. I’m smiling at it a bit, developing a new skill at this late age.

For many of my friends a day in the garden, or even a few hours, approaches a spiritual experience. It isn’t that for me, and I doubt it ever will be. But I’m quite please to have my hands in the dirt, to be coaxing things along, and to be going out at night with the flashlight on my cell phone to try and spot what leaf-chomping insect is making those holes. šŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Gardening

  1. Way to go, Pam! It’s a bad season for bugs in South Carolina too. With more rain and heat, they seem to come out and chew. However, your sunflowers look very healthy otherwise.

  2. for Phyllis: I love sunflowers… and am learning the names of other flowering plants that I’d like to include in my garden, like dahlias. Am impatient to get things planted, but agree that in Seattle’s super dry summer weather planting a lot doesn’t make sense. It’s all I can do to keep up with watering bushes that are in there and holding their own. The red hot pokers are drought resistant, my gardening person tells me, so they do very well through the summer with only modest watering.

  3. Beetles….they eat all our pretty plants here. Hubby sprays the plants with something so they don’t eat them. Sometimes he uses a powder type thing too. Need me to ask him?
    And I’m super happy to see the sunflower has survived! Nice job!

  4. for J: Seattle is this super organic place — no one seems to use anything noxious. No wonder weeds and bugs have the upper hand. I went out and got Round Up to go after weeds growing up through the cracks in my driveway, and felt as if someone was going to come and yell at me for using it.

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