Conscious Aging: Getting Good at Grilling

At the ripe old age of 73 I’m determined to get good at grilling — never having done it much before. Jerry was not a fan of cooking or eating outside when we had a perfectly good kitchen free of bugs for those purposes.  Matt and Sara are great at grilling. Matt does fresh salmon, in his own marinade, better than any Seattle restaurant — and we have some excellent ones for seafood. Sara does a fabulous pork loin. Both do delicious grilled vegetables.

The only way for me to get good at this is to grill — a lot. I started on Wednesday evening, hot out though it was. I had some trouble regulating the temperature of the grill, but apparently it was good enough. The pork loin was perfectly done and very flavorful. I also did a lot of grilled veggies, to have over the next several days. Onion, green beans, and portobello mushrooms were great. Eggplant was good but I think I’d like to do a different prep, and think I know how. I definitely need coaching on sweet potatoes. Even with parboiling, they didn’t come out great.

On the whole, my first venture was a big success. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Getting Good at Grilling

  1. Congrats on developing grilling skills! Here is an old recipe for grilled eggplant from a Wegmans Menu Magazine. Remember them? I think they came quarterly in the mail.
    Eggplant sandwiches in ciabatta bread……
    Cut ciabatta bread in half – grill insides and rub with garlic
    Grill several oiled eggplant slices. When near done drizzle with balsamic
    vinegar. Sandwich: grilled eggplant, tomato slices, asiago cheese, and
    fresh basil leaves in the bread. If you don’t want to use bread, you could rub the garlic on the eggplant. However it takes the other sandwich items to really make this pop.

    For sweet potatoes – try cutting them in wedges, they soften easier. Other faves – carrots, brussels sprouts, fennel, yellow squash and zucchini.

    A grilled salad item – cut baby or regular romaine lettuce in half lengthwise. Grill briefly on both sides so it is wilted on the outside but still crisp on the inside, sprinkle on top – olive oil, parmesan cheese, a bit of garlic salt and pepper.

  2. for Phyllis: The sandwich sounds magnificent, and I will try it — bread included. I’ve cut down on my carbs, but eat great bread selectively.And thanks for the grilling tips — will let you know how I do. I love the idea of grilling romaine lettuce — quite intrigued.

  3. The grilled romaine is wonderful. A friend’s husband – a good Italian cook – made it for us, and it was something so new and different. I have now seen it in a few restaurants, grilled or ungrilled. If a large romaine, it is often quartered. They usually garnish it with chopped vegetables or herbs and a dressing. I like the original best. Wedges of red or green cabbage and cauliflower are also grillable!

  4. for Phyllis: Will let you know how it turns out — eager to try. BTW, please tell Art I made his shrimp perloo for friends and they loved it. I still think his tasted better than mine, but mine was pretty darned good. 🙂

  5. for Phyllis: He’s sent me several, of which the shrimp perloo is my favorite. Helps that we can get wonderful shrimp here, as you can in South Carolina.

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