Pinning our Hopes on Mueller

With 35-40% of the country supporting Trump no matter what he does, I’m wondering how the Mueller investigation can possibly end in anything other than a divisive blast. If Mueller finds a lot of technical violations and/or a lot of dancing close to the legal and ethical line but finds no firm smoking gun that ties Trump to Russia, people like me are going to be outraged. If Mueller does lay out a serious case for impeachment, if not for criminal charges once Trump is out of the presidency, Trump’s core base will be outraged.

Things that have always pulled the country together — an external threat like an Ebola outbreak or an attack like 9/11 — are not things to wish for.

Somebody, in the 2020 presidential election, will cobble together enough votes to win. But that doesn’t mean healing our democracy, not by an stretch of the imagination.

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