Conscious Aging: Update on My Knees

I’m two weeks into recovery from my bruised and scraped knees, beginning week three. The right knee is mostly better: swelling down, shallow scrapes resolved. The kneecap is still sore when I touch the bone, but it doesn’t impede my movement.

The left knee, the one with the deep scrape that took off several layers of skin and gouged out some small chunks of flesh, is also recovering but more slowly. Wounds heal from the inside. A deep gouge takes longer than a surface scrape. The best way to describe the knee is in golf terms: I have sort of a divot which tends to open up and get oozy again after I use the knee a lot, as in exercise.

That’s the worst of it, though. There seems to be no lasting damage from my hard fall. The urgent care doc said three weeks to two months for full recovery, so I feel as if I’m pretty well on schedule.

I’m back to my normal duration of exercise, if not quite the normal intensity.

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