Trump and Iran

When we invaded Iraq, the Bush administration felt sure that Iraquis would welcome us with open arms and be thrilled with the U.S.-type civil administration that Paul Bremer attempted unsuccessfully to put in place.

During the war in Viet Nam, Lyndon Johnson and most presidents before him believed that the South Vietnamese would side with the invading United States over their own people.

Now Trump and Pompeo are saber-rattling in Iran, trying to appeal to the Iranian people over the heads of their own leaders. If either American had any idea of our history of meddling in Iranian politics — engineering the 1953 CIA-assisted overthrow of duly elected Prime Minister Mossadegh in favor of installing the hated Shah, for starters — they might have second thoughts. That Trump and apparently Pompeo are completely ahistorical may represent the worst of the lot in presidential policy teams, but U.S. policy makers have never been given to humility. I suspect Lyndon Johnson went to his grave never quite understanding how a “piss ant little country” could defeat the mighty U.S. military.

I’m really tired of Trump’s saber rattling, and Pompeo’s screed against what he calls an Iranian kleptocracy might better have been applied to Russia.

I have no doubt Kushner is on the line to Israel right now, ginning up contingency plans for the two countries to bomb Iran.

Where does this Dr. Strangelove presidency end?

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