Tour Flying By. So Is Summer

The Tour de France is literally flying by as I am glued to the riders on my TV screen. I loved being on the Champs d’ Elysee for the final round  a few years ago when I visited my friend Jane in Paris. The riders raced by so quickly on their seven turns around the iconic roadway I couldn’t even pick out favorites.  The peloton going by was a blur of color and speed and whooshing sound. The thrill was just being there. But generally, the Tour is best watched on TV. You get the full scope of the day’s stage, plus the gorgeous views of the French countryside. We’re beginning week 3, the final week of the Tour. The thrilling 21 day race is coming to a speedy end.

Summer feels as if it’s flying by too, which isn’t unusual. In the damp and gray winter months in Seattle I eagerly await May: my birthday month, the emergence of the first sings of spring flowers like crocuses and daffodils, and the shift to fewer rainy days and more sun-filled ones. June in Seattle raced by: Archie finished kindergarten, Else has “moved up” to be one of the big kids in her day care room, and the Fremont Solstice parade filled the streets with naked bikers. July 4th was the fireworks — this year I spent it in New Jersey at the shore with sister Linda and brother-in-law Ron — and now we’re already at the last full week of the month and anticipated moving into August.

No one ever says “February is racing by”, at least no one who lives in Seattle.

Time does seem to go faster as I age, and the parts of the year that I love best go by at warp speed. I’m determined to hold onto the hot and lazy days of August, spending a lot of time on the sun on my deck. I have my new grill. I have yard games for the kids — the sandbox has given way to bean bag toss, croquette, and a kid-sized version of horseshoes. I am reading an excellent novel, and have another one teed up on my Kindle. I have mint jasmine tea. I have good red wine. I have friends and family coming over.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, wherever you are. If you have summer things left to do, don’t tarry. Time is flying by.

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