Grill Problem Solved!

Sometimes I lack the common sense to get out of my own way.

Now that I have a back yard and a deck, I thought I’d like to get a small grill — particularly to do things like pork loin, which tastes much better grilled, and veggies. There’s no way to replicate the flavor of grilled eggplant, which I like a lot, other than by cooking over flame.

I ordered a small Weber, plus a cart, and carefully followed the directions to put everything together. I hooked up the gas, and then … nothing. At least, no flame that I could see. I did a bit of troubleshooting, then got frustrated and decided to ask one of my more experienced family members for help. I’m a little leery of fooling around with a full tank of gas. I kept thinking as I fiddled with it that I was going to do something to make it blow up.

Matt and Else came by on Saturday morning, and it turns out that if I’d place my hand over the grill plates, I’d have realized that the grill was actually on — the blue flame invisible in the bright sunlight but actually working just fine. Sigh. I looked for flame, but didn’t feel for heat generated by flame.

That’s what I mean by common sense. 🙂

Grill now all up and running. Wonderful outdoor meals sure to follow. Thanks to Matt for the expert consult.

2 thoughts on “Grill Problem Solved!

  1. Love it! I am guilty of the same things, sometimes caution gets in the way. Your back yard looks so cozy and inviting!! Bet you are loving being able to sit outdoors again. Enjoy.

  2. for Jackie: It’s private enough that I sometimes take my shower and put on pj’s and a robe and sit out there with tea and a book. 🙂 Darkness doesn’t fall here until after 9pm, so it’s quite a nice time to be outdoors.

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