Panama 2018: Gabriel and His Children

Gabriel is Gloria and Luis’ middle son, the one who is a Guardia Nacional and member of the Presidential Protection detail. He and Fani have two children: Alia and Gabrielito. Longtime readers of the blog know that Gabrielito was born with a complex heart defect, tetralogy of Fallot. His life was saved by a visiting cardiology team from the United States with surgery when he was about 18 months old. He will always be a cardiac patient, as the multiple repairs can develop leaks as the child grows. But as you can see, he is healthy and happy. He’s now six, a few months younger than Archie. Alia is about fifteen months old — I think she looks a lot like her papa.

These children are cousins to baby Axel. There is a fourth cousin, Milenys, who lives with her mother in the district capital Penonome.



4 thoughts on “Panama 2018: Gabriel and His Children

  1. Aunt Pam, I think Alia looks like Gloria. I see a little Gloria when I look at her face. Please give them our love.

  2. for Phyllis: This family is approaching a middle class lifestyle, at least for the village. Now if only Fani could get a job in her field of tourism and travel. She has a university degree in that, but is working as a checker at the Super 99.

  3. for Bryna: I think she does too. I’ll tell Gloria you observed that, and it will make her happy!

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