Panama 2019: Already Underway

I’ve tried renting a few different places in Buenaventura, and have pretty much settled on my favorite place: a villa only a few steps from the ocean and from the main hotel pool. July is early to book, but I’ve been following the availability online and someone has nabbed the week after the time block I’m looking at. All I need is for someone to book a four day weekend in the middle of my intended three week block and I’m cooked until February or early March. Another complication is that the Pope is coming to Panama on January 23 — bringing crowds and higher airline and hotel ticket prices.

Looks like this year’s trip will have to be nailed down much earlier than usual.

I was able to find a decent flight to Panama City on January 17th, and so I went ahead with booking the villa from January 19-Feb. 8. I’ll stay one more night in Panama City, and then return home on February 9.

Fun to anticipate.

2 thoughts on “Panama 2019: Already Underway

  1. It’s a good thing you booked. You’d be so disappointed if someone else took it. The ocean front Buenaventura villa is “Paradise Found.” Muy vien.

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