Tour de France

We’re more than halfway through the 2018 Tour de France — stage 13 runs on Friday — and I’m loving it. This year’s Tour is very exciting — no clear dominating rider and four or five still in the hunt for the yellow jersey at the end. The riders finished climbing the Alps on Thursday in stage 12. They go up the mountain faster than I ride on flat terrain.

This is my primo summer sports event. I love everything about the Tour, including the spectacular pics of French villages, cities and mountains. This really is a beautiful country, and the Tour shows off the best of it.

Explaining the strategy of the race to a non-fan would take awhile — professional cycling is far more complicated than getting into the saddle and peddling as fast as you can. Once you get what they are doing, though, it’s the most intricate and demanding of sports. One of the highlights of my life was being in Paris for the final stage several years ago when my friend Jane lived there and invited me to visit. Other people go to Paris to see cathedrals and art museums and to float along the Seine. I went to see the Tour. 🙂

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