Knee Update

I’m in my second week of healing, and things are definitely improving. The swelling on my right knee has gone down, although the knee continues to ache when I sit for too long. The bigger problem turns out to be the deep abrasion on my right knee. I didn’t just scrape off the surface skin, but rather took out several layers. The wound scabs over, but when I move my knee the scab cracks and something — probably lymphatic fluid — leaks out. That means that when I go out for the evening wearing good pants, I have to cover the scab. By the time I take the dressing off again, everything has softened up and looks a mess. Nursing this along is a challenge.

In the interests of the old adage “it never rains but it pours”, I also got a bee sting on my upper right thigh yesterday afternoon. I don’t think I ever had a bee sting before. I only knew it was a bee sting because I looked up pics of various insect stings online and “bee” fit the appearance of my leg. I’m not allergic, so it’s more an annoyance than a significant impediment. I’m using the anti-itch spray that I brought back with me from New Jersey, which helps somewhat. I never saw the bee, just noticed a sharp pinprick when I came into the kitchen from outside.

I’ll live. Everything is on the upswing, and after all, I did have that great dentist appointment earlier this week. 🙂

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