Conscious Aging: Visit to the Dentist


Walking out of the dentist’s office, I felt as if I should be wearing one of those smiley face stickers that they give to kids after a successful visit.

At my age, “stable” is good. My teeth are old, just like me. I take care of them as best I can. I go for every six-month cleanings. I eat a healthy diet and I floss. I use a water pic at night. But I have some gum erosion, and a couple of cracks left over from more stressful times when I probably was guilty of grinding my teeth. I still have a couple of old silver amalgam fillings that will eventually have to be replaced. Happily, my dentist is conservative. She only replaces with a new filling or crown when absolutely necessary.

So, “stable” means all clear for the next six months. I like that — it made my day. Given that my knees are still sore, I didn’t want to deal with dental work too.

There are some things that can still be improved at my age. Exercises specifically designed for balance and stability can make those capabilities stronger even into our 90’s. But for the most part, “stable” is the goal.

On Tuesday I hit the mark. 🙂

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