Conscious Aging: The Knees

Thanks to all of you who’ve sent support and encouragement and suggestions on what to apply to the sore knees — I fell a week ago today. I’ve taken the dressings off the scraped knee, in hopes that a scab will form and it will stop oozing. It’s a fine balance — the dressing protects the knee against dirt and further injury, but it also keeps the tissue soft and messy. The right knee is still swollen. Three weeks to two months, said the urgent care doc. Nothing seems to be happening faster than that.

Lots of people my age have lots more serious things to contend with, and I’m not whining. Just sore, and I’m not used to be sore day in and day out.

Don’t look at the pic if you don’t like gory knees.

I went to the gym yesterday and did 30 minutes on the bike with very little resistance — the urgent care doc suggested biking or swimming. I’m not being obstinate or compulsive with the exercise. I’m balancing a number of things. I don’t want the knee to stiffen up, which it will if I don’t use it. Exercise is a key element, along with meds, of keeping my blood pressure under control. And, there is a lot of auto-immune disease in my mother’s side of the family, including fibromyalgia. I’ve never been diagnosed with anything, but note that when I don’t exercise, my body gets more achy.

Trying hard to strike the right balance with icing, Arnica, exercise, and rest.


2 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: The Knees

  1. Just getting back on line after a week away from computers and from all Trump all the time news. Enjoyed the quiet of the family farm (in a valley with no internet reception), a joyous weekend family reunion with great conversation, and now the peace of friends’ summer home in the Catoctin Mountains (PA/MD border) where the only noise is helicopters occasionally flying to-from nearby Camp David.

    Sorry about your accident. It looks like things are improving, but I know it’s hard to be sidelined when you are an active person. So hang in and be well soon!

    Take care – P

  2. for Phyllis: I know that Catoctin Mountain area — it’s just beautiful. So glad you had this time away and with family. After all, the news isn’t much better when you do loop back in, is it? Am recovering — thanks for the good wishes.

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