Conscious Aging: Progress of My Bone Bruise

Well, I was hoping for dramatic improvement in 48 hours, but clearly that hasn’t happened. I looked up bone bruises online. They can heal in a matter of weeks, or the time frame can be up to two years.

The scraped knee has stopped oozing and is healing noticeably, but the bruised knee is only a tad better. I feel best with the leg elevated and with ice — although I can only leave the ice bag on for 20 minutes or so, then I have to take a break before applying it again. The urgent care doc was adamant about that: he had a patient come back with frostbite after she left an ice bag on a body part indefinitely.

Having the Tour to watch helps a lot — but in general I’m not very good at sitting around all day. I may try some light stationary bike minutes, with very little resistance, just to see how it feels. The doc recommended that, or swimming. The online articles caution about stressing the bruise too much — there’s fine line, apparently, between helping the injury to heal by promoting blood flow and adding to the problem by putting too much pressure on the bruised bone.

I’m able to drive without too much difficulty, and to do a few things around the house. I’m going to do some light grocery shopping, just so I don’t have to revert to the canned soup I keep on hand for emergencies.

I’m still really glad I didn’t fracture the patella. Apparently, that can take 4-6 months to heal.

That American kid who fractured his scapula on the first day of the Tour is still riding, although he’s dead last. Unlike him I won’t be doing any intense extended exercise any time soon.

4 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Progress of My Bone Bruise

  1. for Katie: Doing my best.The urgent care doc said I should continue to use the knee so it doesn’t stiffen up, but cautioned that putting too much stress on it will retard healing. I think you’re saying the same thing. I will listen.

  2. for Katie: My usual exercise goal is 4-6 miles of something, so not nearly back to normal after 5 days.But getting there.

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