Serena and Billie Jean King

My heart is with the early morning live Tour de France, but I switched to the Wimbledon women’s semi-final during ad breaks and caught a bit of Serena’s decisive victory. Right behind her in the stands was Billie Jean King, my alter ego and the Queen Mother of women’s tennis. The 2017 film “Battle of the Sexes” was largely true: more than anyone else, Billie Jean King elevated women’s tennis from what men of the time considered “the girls in tennis skirts entertaining around the margins of serious men’s competition” to “professional athletes with big money winnings of their own”. The luminaries of women’s tennis who came later, including Serena, owe much to Billie Jean. I’m so glad she gets to sit front and center, getting to enjoy what her own talent, vision, grit and determination has wrought.

2 thoughts on “Serena and Billie Jean King

  1. If you ever went maybe they would mistake you for her and just usher you right up front for a great view!

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