Conscious Aging: Update on My Knees

Well, they are still really sore. I’m icing on and off, and that’s when I get the most relief. Having sore knees really lets me know what muscles are used getting up from a sitting position, or climbing stairs. I can’t do either without an audible groan.

The doctor who scrubbed the left knee to clean it more deeply said it would continue to ooze blood and lymphatic fluid for up to 24 more hours, and it has. Fortunately I have clean dressings to replace what he put on, because those dressings are a bit icky. The right knee isn’t scraped much, but it’s still quite swollen.

Spending a lot of time watching the Tour de France with ice on my knees. I’m really glad the Tour is on. There have been a lot of guys going down in this race, who knows why, and they hit the pavement or fly off into the culverts or grassy areas along the side of the road at 45 m.p.h. and then get up and get back on the bike. Amazes me.

Lots of people think watching the Tour is like watching grass grow — all those bike wheels going around and around for 100 miles or more and unless you understand the strategy, not much happening until the very end. Son Matt once said that you can watch the last 90 seconds of any stage and pretty much get the gist. I know what he means. But I do get the strategy, and love watching it unfold for the 3-4 hours each stage takes.

Chris Froome, the winner for several years past, lost 61 seconds on the first day, and after six stages, he’s lost another second and is 62 seconds behind. That doesn’t sound like much, but it is — he may have lost this year’s Tour with the gap that built up that very first day. The Tour runs for three weeks, so imagine blowing your chance before you’ve hardly begun.

2 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Update on My Knees

  1. for Katie: Frustrated today because NBC is showing some silly golf tournament at Turnberry — sucking up to Trump — instead of the Tour.

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