Lucky Serena

Serena Williams is one of the greatest tennis players, male or female, of all time. She’s currently in the semi-finals at Wimbledon. She’s also hit a streak of luck, which helps when you’re an mature athlete. Williams is 36 — old for a professional still playing at top form. She was out most of last year for the birth of her daughter, now 11 months old. Recovering peak performance at her age, and after giving birth, is effortful. She didn’t have an easy time of it, as this sensitive article describes.

For some inexplicable reason, almost all of the top seeded women players got blown out in earlier rounds. I wouldn’t have thought Serena had a shot against some of the top players, like Mugarutha or Kerber or Halep. Of those, only Kerber remains. Serena is playing her semi-final match against someone named Gorges. I hope Serena wins.

Not everyone likes Serena. She’s bold and brassy and a big presence on the court. Some years ago she lost her temper and towered over a line judge, berating the woman and drawing a penalty. She’s managed her temper better since then. But regardless of how anyone feels about Serena personally, her talent and discipline and work ethic and contribution to the sport is without question.

I hope she takes the top prize, which would be her 24th Grand Slam win and tie her with the great Margaret Court.

2 thoughts on “Lucky Serena

  1. for J: Well, she fell short this morning. But she’s playing great tennis. Reaching the Wimbledon final is not bad for the momma of an 11 month old. Love it, and hope she keeps going strong.

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