Pompeo and North Korea

Surely Pompeo understood the unspoken requirement of working for Trump before accepting the Secretary of State position. Trump takes responsibility for nothing. If a negotiation fails, that has nothing to do with Trump. What he does is always the biggest success ever. If failure is at hand, it’s the fault of underlings.

Enter Pompeo in North Korea. In Trump’s mind, the vague agreement he signed with Kim Jong-Un was a “contract”. And they shook hands like good New York real estate developers. The North Korean nuclear threat is therefore ended, and denuclearization has begun. The remains of U.S. servicemen who died in the Korean War are being repatriated. Oh wait …. they’re not? What’s up, Pompeo? Falling asleep at the switch?

Pompeo’s effort to work out the details and forge an actual agreement appears to be going rather badly.

If there is little ultimately to show for Trump’s spectacle in Singapore, it won’t be Trump’s fault. The fault will lie with Pompeo.

How long before the ground falls out beneath him and he gets canned?

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