Cave Boys Out

Well, all twelves boys stranded in a watery cave in Thailand, and their young coach, are safely out. I feared it wasn’t possible, that one or more of the boys would die. As the crisis ends, one person lost his life — a trained Thai navy Seal who ran out of oxygen. Everyone else made it out relatively unharmed.

This is surely a  moment for rejoicing, and for affirming the generosity of the human spirit. Experienced divers from all over rushed to help. They were needed for this complex and dangerous rescue.

The boys will soon be home, their bodies and spirits recovering from a terrifying experience. All good wishes to them and their families, and kudos to the courageous rescuers who risked life and limb to bring about this miraculous conclusion.

Maybe the Thai government should seal up that cave entrance. Just a thought.

2 thoughts on “Cave Boys Out

  1. Yes, it is wonderful that the 12 boys and coach are safely rescued, but tragic that the Thai seal rescuer died. It is logical to close off the cave. However, this morning on TV news it was stated that the Thai government is talking about making it a tourist attraction and leaving the oxygen tanks and rescue equipment in the caves for people to see!

  2. for Katie: Making the cave where someone died a tourist attraction is a terrible idea. I hope they reconsider.

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