New Supreme Court Nominee

Conservatives and libertarians have made altering the federal court system their focus for 40 years. They now have a deep bench of profoundly  conservative judges, who form the core of the group recommended to Trump by the Federalist Society. If not Kavanaugh, it would be another equally right wing guy in a black robe. Here and there they have the odd woman, like the one supposedly on the short list — a member of some obscure Catholic sect. God help us.

Democrats have been sort of asleep at the switch on his one, considering the federal judiciary important but not more so than any number of other issues. We’re all about to pay the price for that miscalculation.

I can’t really write much about this yet. With a solid conservative majority the Court will change fundamental constitutional rights in a direction I won’t even recognize. The conservative majority may even protect Trump from the consequences of his actions regardless of what the Mueller investigation finds.

I keep hoping life with Trump won’t get any worse, and then of course it does.

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