Rescuing the Cave Boys in Thailand

Almost miraculously given the difficulty of the rescue, four of the young boys caught in a flooded cave in Thailand have been rescued as of Sunday night.

I find myself wondering about complex cave rescues, for which I’m sure there is a protocol. Given the protracted nature of this rescue, do rescue divers bring out the strongest boys first, or the weakest? Do they bring the youngest, or the oldest, or is age not a factor? I’m sure the boys come before their coach, who is 25 and the leader of this ill-fated adventure. What if he is suddenly in critical condition — does  he move up the triage list? How do the parents of the boys not chosen for an early exit handle their feelings? What is it like to be the parents of the last boys to be rescued? What will happen to the courage of the boys still entrapped if one or more of their group dies?

These kids are young, and their expedition was a foolish mistake. All of us who love children hope that they escape the worst consequences of excrebly poor judgment.

I’m hoping the miracle continues.

2 thoughts on “Rescuing the Cave Boys in Thailand

  1. They apparently brought out the four strongest first, who learned the scuba techniques most easily and declared themselves ready to try. My logic to bring out the most at risk first may have been a problem, especially if they might have had trouble with the process. I guess validate your technique, and then go from there. Just heard more out as of Monday AM.

    Off to PA for a week – family reunion and time at the farm.

  2. for Phyllis: Have a wonderful time at the farm. I’m sure you must feel your Dad’s absence more when you are there. I’m sure we’ll all be following the continued rescue. Makes sense to take out the strongest boys first, but raises the anxiety for getting the weaker ones out.

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