Travel: Ocean Grove Tents

The Methodist Camp Meeting Association owns the land in Ocean Grove; you get a 99 year lease, which can be transferred to your heirs. This is a very small town and homes are at a premium, but the most desirable of all and most rare is to snag one of the tent homes that cluster around the great hall. The tent bungalows are, actually, tents on a slab with some permanent walls. They are cute and charming and tiny and probably damp in the rain. I’d never been in one, but the usher we talked with invited us to take a quick tour of his, just down the street. Linda and I did.

The tents have small, old fashioned kitchens, toilets and showers, bunk beds and a double bed in the living room — they sleep 6-8.  This tent has no internet, although our host said you can get it. They operate four months a year, then the canvas is rolled back and the places winterized as best they can be.

I think the tents are absolutely charming. For me, I suspect they are more fun to look at and photograph than to live in. But people who have them hang  on fiercely and come down every year from wherever they live in winter, and work assiduously to have their tent lease passed on to family members. Hardly any ever comes open.

If you have a tent home you are near the great hall for worship, near the beach, and near the best ice cream parlor in town. Sweet deal, as they say, for those who like tents.

2 thoughts on “Travel: Ocean Grove Tents

  1. This place reminds me of Chautauqua……probably both have similar histories, but the former no longer has tents.

  2. for Phyllis: Have you ever been to LilyDale, which is about a half hour from Chautauqua? A spiritualist community on Cassadega Lake. Really a weird place.

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