Travel Day: Maintenance Delay

I’m in Newark Airport on a 2 hour maintenance delay — not the end of the world, but I’ll get home to Seattle later than I’d hoped. The time here is 4:45pm, and I left the gate and came to the United Club. They get better info here than do the gate agents. The service desk in the Club told me to check back every half hour. The repair is expected to take 90 minutes — but it could be faster. The Club closest to my gate is closed for upgrades, so I’m in another wing and have a bit of a walk to get back if the flight is called early.

SeaTac is a big airport and usually seems pretty orderly. Newark, for whatever reason, is a zoo. There is a toddler nearby having a full-on screaming meltdown. I have small grandchildren, and sympathize. But the screeches of distress are unsettling, and so far the young parents are having no success comforting the tired little boy. Screech on, little man.

I had a glass of wine and some cheese and crackers — relatively healthy — and then indulged in a small square of carrot cake. When did we learn to associate sweet food with comfort?

My first half hour is up — going back to check.

The tired toddler screeches on.


6 thoughts on “Travel Day: Maintenance Delay

  1. As I understand it, we may be genetically predisposed to favor sweets. In nature, poisonous things are generally bitter; sweet things are safe. Carrot cake would, of course, then be a perfectly reasonable, and safe, choice when foraging in the wild.

  2. Carrot cake! Remember the birthday workouts with carrot cake as the finisher? Or starter, coffee too. Awww. Miss you. Glad you had a slice of heaven while you had to endure the cries from *#%*. Spoken from a parent….

  3. for Ellen: 🙂 Just couldn’t resist it. I did get out last night after 2 hour delay. I’m sure the carrot cake helped.

  4. for Linda: Two hour delay — we left about 6:30pm east coast time, and arrived back in Seattle around 9:30 east coast time, which was after midnight here. Had a good night’s sleep and am watching Tour de France. Thanks again for a wonderful time.

  5. for J: I do. I felt for those parents — their little man was clearly beyond tired and there was too much noise and commotion for him to fall asleep. They tried. 🙂

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