Travel Day: Back to Seattle

Friday is my travel day back to Seattle. I have an afternoon flight out of Newark Airport, which because of the three hour time difference lands me at Sea-Tac at quite a reasonable hour. I didn’t rent a car this time, and my brother-in-law is driving me to the airport. I didn’t want him to get involved in down the shore Friday traffic, so planned my flight accordingly.

I take with me something of a tan, even though I’ve stayed mostly in the shade when we’ve been poolside — the tan is from my daily 40 minute swim. I have eight of the itchiest bites I’ve ever had, maybe mosquitoes or probably something like chiggers because of the enduring itch. I bought a hardcover book of Vivian Maier photographs, because I have two of her works on my living room wall. And I downloaded the book Toms River onto my Kindle to read on the way home. The book is about the unmasking of the dangerous pollution Ciba Geigy pharmaceuticals dumped into the ground water and the ocean in and around Toms River. My college friend Stephanie, the environmental lawyer, is mentioned. She was among the neighborhood activists who led the years-long fight.

I’ve had a lovely time with family and friends, renewing my love of the Jersey shore and enjoying the 90+ degree weather. Seattle is having a rather cool summer so far, so I expect to feel chilly when I arrive home and find a 20 degree temperature difference. My sister and brother in law are wonderful hosts: great home-cooked meals, interesting cultural adventures, and they are on top of the best seafood restaurants at the shore.

I also got them to watch the HBO series Getting On with me. Getting On ran for three seasons between 2013 and 2015, and stars the brilliant Laurie Metcalf as Dr. Jenna James. The dark comedy is set in the Billy Barnes long term care unit of a struggling hospital in LA. It’s horrifying and hilarious all at once, at least if your humor tends to find humor in the indignities of aging and the quirks of the people who choose long term care as a profession. I highly recommend it. I joke that I’m developing a constituency for the show to return. I thought that probably six TV watchers originally found the show funny. Linda and Ron are seven and eight. 🙂

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