Question for Trump Supporters

Not many Trump supporters, if any, read my blog. But if you know any, ask them this:

Did you know, before Trump gave voice to your inner fears, that you were a white power supporter and a closet racist?

From the opinion piece by NY Times columnist Charles Blow:

“Let’s be clear about the demographics of this base: While the overwhelming majority of blacks and Hispanics have an unfavorable view of Trump, just as many white people have a favorable view of him as have an unfavorable view of him, according to a Suffolk University/USA Today poll conducted last month.

Part of that is undoubtedly due to the increasingly racialized nature of our partisanship, but it is also because Trump has positioned himself as a white power president.

One of the things that his supporters like is the very thing that others detest: His unapologetic, unabashed crusade to fight off all efforts at racial and ethnic inclusion. They may not articulate it as such, but that is the nature of Trump’s policies: Promising to build a wall, disparaging Mexicans, separating immigrant families, the Muslim ban, decreasing even legal migration, denigrating protesting football players.

Trump has vented an American racial anxiety, giving it power and a perch, giving it permission to be vocal and even violent.”

I thought we were beyond this, that we’d made real progress since the bloody and often fatal civil rights struggles of the 1960’s.

Charles Blow calls the denizens of Trumplandia “rage junkies”. That sounds just about right, for the few that I know. They are in a constant state of agitation and fear, certainly fomented by Trump but not created by him — only amplified and given voice.

I think fear is contagious. I think racism is contagious, like a bad brain virus.

That’s why I spend as little time with Trump supporters as I can.

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