Travel: Boardwalk Contrast

Part of what I love about the boardwalk is the great contrast between the quiet of the beach at dusk and the progressive liveliness of the boards as the evening darkens. People have come off the beach, some quite sunburned, perhaps had a meal like franks and beans and a couple of beers, and then returned for their night of crowds and bright lights and hand food — things you can eat while walking. Maruca’s tomato pies are the best on the boardwalk. Tomato pies are what pizza used to be before all the toppings came into vogue, when delicious sauce on thin crust was the thing.

I got my soft serve vanilla Kohr’s frozen custard, although I forgot to take a pic.

The Seaside boardwalk still hasn’t recovered from Hurricane Sandy, when large portions of the wooden walkway and rides and concessions were washed out to sea. That was followed by a fire, which destroyed much of what was left. What’s there now is about half of what was there before, a little disorienting but still good.

2 thoughts on “Travel: Boardwalk Contrast

  1. for J: Wildwood has its own boardwalk, water parks, etc. Lot of fun. Much more expensive than when I was a kid, but then everything is. Get ready for Jersey culture shock — your kids will see lots of kids their age or a little older wearing things and smoking things and doing things you and M. would NEVER tolerate. 🙂

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