Justice Kennedy Retires

I haven’t written much about Justice Kennedy’s retirement, hoping for a few days of respite from the worsening world under Trump. If Hillary had won, half the Cabinet would have been highly competent women. Federal judgeships would have reflected the diversity of America. Women’s bodies would have remained free of state control. Minority rights would have been honored. Hillary would have spoken in ways that tried to bring the country together.

Yet here we are, moving more deeply into the dark and fearful world Trump tells us we are in, the “American carnage” of his early speeches. Big money and corruption prevail. Immigrants, Muslims, and strong women are demonized. LGBTQ Americans are returned to the margins of society. Oh, yes, the stock market is up and the religious right has Neil Gorsuch. We should be relieved and think it a fair trade-off.

It’s going to take awhile for Trump voters to get that the Koch-funded libertarianism that the Republican party has adopted works if you’re rich, but not if you rely on some aspect of a safety net. It’s going to take awhile for the rest of the world to renegotiate how to move on without being bullied by an erratic and aggressive American president. It’s going to take awhile for ordinary people to work out how to live without the protection of the judiciary, without the Constitutional rights that in the Roberts court skew so heavily toward protecting the rich and powerful. It’s going to take awhile before the next recession arrives, and Trumplandia realizes that Donald is not such a business genius after all.

Long dark night of the soul, I think they call it.

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