Travel: Dinner at Sardi’s

My brother-in-law Ron is a sophisticated martini drinker, and he assures me that the iconic Sardi’s in the theater district makes the best martini in town. Ron and Linda came into the city to pick me up after my two days, and we had dinner at Sardi’s before driving back down the shore.

I waited for Ron and Linda in the  small bar downstairs, and a couple turned to me and said eagerly, “You look so familiar. Are you…..?” Bille Jean. No I’m not. She was just in NY as grand marshall of the pride parade, which I imagine heightened awareness of her presence in the city.

I’m not a martini drinker, but I had a lovely chilled Sancerre and we enjoyed a delicious dinner.

Sardi’s, with it’s drawings of famous celebrities all over the walls, feels a bit like a throwback to an earlier theater-going era. Completing that impression is the presence of the bathroom lady. She points you toward an empty stall, then turns on the faucet for you to wash your hands and and offers you a towel to dry. For this you give her a couple of bucks.

I asked my brother-in-law but no, there is no male attendant in the men’s.

The bathroom lady reminded me a little of the elevator lady at the public hospital in Panama, where I went with Minga. There used to be a lot of people doing these kinds of jobs; now seeing one in this country is rare.

I was happy to come up with some fresh dollar bills. I don’t need anyone to turn on the faucet for me, but who knows what other income this woman has. Apparently she’s been the loo lady at Sardi’s for a very long time.

2 thoughts on “Travel: Dinner at Sardi’s

  1. Many of the Broadway theatres have “bathroom” ladies. Some do hand you a towel and have a baskets of toiletries for you to use. Most, today, are “directing traffic” as theatre ladies’ rooms have big lines, since they can’t accommodate an adequate number of ladies during a short intermission.

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