Travel: Temple of Dendur and Oceans 8

I’m a sucker for Egyptian art; have been since I was a teen and used to tell my mother I had to come to NY for a school assignment. That was hardly true. I just wanted to come to NY. I find the Temple of Dendur intriguing and mysterious. The Temple is located in the Sackler wing, the big pharma family implicated in the opioid crisis. This grand gallery is often in movies, most recently for the big heist in Oceans 8.

I spent most of my couple of hours at the Metropolitan in the Egyptian wing, then made a swing by the Impressionists. In college I took an art appreciation course to satisfy some obscure requirement of a liberal arts education, and the course has proven more useful over time than some of my major courses. I actually know a Monet from a Manet, and can spot a Sisley from across the room. The museum has quite a few fine Picasso paintings from the Blue Period, which I quite like although I’m glad his evolution as an artist didn’t stop there.

Since my Seattle Art Museum ticket also gave me access to the Met Breuer, a contemporary space on Madison and 75th, I went there too. The current exhibit is called Like Life: Sculpture, Color, and the Body. The exhibit was mind blowing. We all know of the classic nude sculptures of an earlier era. This exhibit had some of those for contrast, then showcased current versions of nude bodies or parts of bodies or partially dissected bodies in all different forms. I use the word “mind blowing” as in “unsettling”, but I enjoyed the exhibit and am glad I went.

2 thoughts on “Travel: Temple of Dendur and Oceans 8

  1. for Katie: There is something remarkable and special about it. I love visiting the Temple of Dendur.

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