Travel: Supper with Friends at The Oyster Bar

Friends Katie and Ron, who live in Queens, were kind enough to drive in to have dinner with me — even after Katie’s long and demanding work day. They recommended The Oyster Bar, a Grand Central Station tradition that none of us had tried. Soft shell crabs were on the menu, and I was in heaven. After, we came up to the club floor — where it was quieter — for another glass of wine and small pastries and the chance for more conversation.

With friends all over the country, I call this giving friendship a “good watering” — keeping the relationship current when and where it’s possible. Making time for people is a priority when I travel.

Katie and I are kindred spirits in food taste: we both had the soft shell crabs. Her husband Ron had a whole branzino. He took part of it home, including the head. Ron is Filipino; he told me Filipinos eat the whole thing, including the head. Just like my friends in Panama….

2 thoughts on “Travel: Supper with Friends at The Oyster Bar

  1. It was wonderful to spend yesterday evening with you and catching up in person. We feel very connected as loyal readers of your blog. We share your love of NYC and culture.

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