Travel: First Full Day in New York

The club floor in my hotel offers an ample hot breakfast until 10:30am, clearly a popular stop among guests on this floor.

I’d say we’re not quite in peak tourist season, as many of the guests are business people in suits. But there is a fair share of grandparents with grandkids, and families speaking languages other than English.

What you see below is the table with eggs, breakfast potatoes, and toasted bread products. Jams, butter, peanut butter. Hot sauce and ketchup. In the cooler behind are juices and yogurt with fruit. There’s cold cereal, and en entire separate table of specialty bread products, muffins, croissants, etc. Coffee of course, plus a machine to make specialty coffee drinks.

Do we eat more when breakfast is “free”, i.e. included in the cost of the room or a benefit for those travelers with elite status? I suspect we do.  I’m trying to remember that I don’t need to eat three times as much as I normally would, as I’m going to be out and about for the rest of the day in the foodie capital of the country, and I have dinner plans with friends tonight.

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