Travel: Crossroads

JFK, the airport that i flew into, is a global crossroads. People arrive here from all over the world, and it is the responsibility of transportation employees to get us on the right busses and trains and taxis and Ubers so we can arrive at our final destinations.

Seattle is a bustling, contemporary city — but the numbers are nothing like the numbers of people coming and going upon arrival in New York. That’s what impresses me first, upon walking through the terminal and boarding my bus into downtown: the sheer number of people, the amount of traffic, the crush of people coming and going and standing and sitting and texting and eating and dozing and lining up and getting behind the wheel or boarding a bus or a car or van or light rail or a railroad car, most heading to the same place: downtown.

2 thoughts on “Travel: Crossroads

  1. I usually take a bus into the city also. The last time was especially congested, and I marveled at the way drivers maneuvered through traffic and obstacles, approaching and through Manhattan. Better them than me!

  2. for Phyllis: I gave the driver a larger tip than I had planned, after I saw his driving through that traffic. And I told him why, after thanking him for a safe trip. He wrangled all the bags out from the lower compartment in the bus, and I was surprised at how many people just walked off without giving him a tip at all.

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