Travel Day

Seattle has gorgeous summer weather, and I’ve tried to arrange my travel so that I’m here to enjoy it and away periodically when the rains come. But on Tuesday, I’m headed to New York for two days, and then to the Jersey shore to spend some time with my sister and brother in law. That includes a trip to the boardwalk, which I adore for its endless Diane Arbus moments.

I don’t have an agenda for New York, and I won’t have time to see a play or attend a cultural event — more sparse in the summer anyway. I chose to have dinner with friends both nights instead. During the day I’ll be out on the street, current copy of the New Yorker in hand, to engage with the city as the spirit moves me.

City  and shore pics to follow. 🙂

Once at the shore I’m hoping to see two friends from college and their spouses. Attending my 50th college reunion last year spurred me to make more of an effort there. I was pleased to find that if I lived nearer to many of my former classmates, we’d still be friends. They have evolved into interesting, successful, thoughtful women — still committed to making a difference in the world. I like that.

Some people travel to see things, and contact with friends is incidental. I travel to see people, and then enjoy what’s around me.


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