Political Fundraisers

I go to political fundraisers to support the candidate, but I also go to scope out the digs where the event is being held — and to see what kindred spirits show up. On Wednesday evening Louise and I went to a fundraiser for Dr. Kim Schrier, Democrat for Congress in the 8th district. I don’t even live in the 8th district, but it’s one of the seats that Democrats might be able to flip in the November election. I think all of us who are horrified at the grifter now in the Oval Office are looking for ways we can actually push back. Writing checks is one of those ways. I’ve been an avid supporter of Kim’s candidacy for several months, but this additional fund raiser was too good to pass up.

Five thousand square feet on two levels, panoramic views of Mount Rainier, Puget Sound, the Olympics, the Space Needle, Lake Union and beyond. The pics hardly do justice — after all it’s more than a bit tacky to be a guest in someone’s home and run around taking photos. 🙂 The penthouse across the hall is on the market for 20M, and I’d guess this one is worth that as well.

Much of the decor and art pieces were very, very expensive. Some were purely whimsical, like the upside down hanging umbrellas. The total effect was stunning.

That’s Kim, in the bright coral jacket. If she wins the primary, she’s up against Trump clone Dino Rossi. My hopes are high.

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